Mobb Dashboard


The Mobb dashboard provides a centralized view to view important metrics across your Mobb projects.

  • The ROI Calculator panel estimates the cost savings associated with using Mobb Autofixer

  • The Fix Management panel surfaces the most effective fixes and top fixable projects in your Mobb organization

Accessing the Dashboard

After logging into your Mobb account, the dashboard can be accessed via the Dashboard icon on the left navigation panel.

ROI Calculator

The ROI Calculator provides you with cost-savings related metrics. This panel aggregates the total number of issues fixed by Mobb to calculate the total cost-savings achieved and estimates potential savings available from remaining available fixes.

Current metrics displayed include:

  • Total issues fixed by Mobb

  • Remaining Available Fixes

  • Cost savings achieved (in dollar amount and time)

  • Potential savings (in dollar amount and time)

By using the "edit" button, you can fine-tune the calculation by supplying your own data to obtain a more accurate estimate for your organization.

The values that can modified include the following:

  • Dev hourly rate (Default value: $200)

  • Mobb fixing time (Default value: 7 Mins)

  • Industry fixing time (Default value: 300 Mins)

Fix Management

The Fix Management section of the dashboard helps surface additional efficiencies from certain fixes or projects.

There are 2 filters that can be applied:

  • The "Available" view

  • The "Resolved" view

These 2 options can be toggled from the button on the top right side of the Fix Management panel.

The "Available" view provides you with the following data:

  • Available Fixes by Severity - This view displays the total remaining available fixes by their severity level. The severity levels can be Critical, High, Medium, or Low.

  • Most effective Fixes - The most effective fixes section surfaces all fixes across all your projects that have the most power-ups. A power-up is when a particular fix has the ability to fix multiple issues that were identified in the SAST report that was submitted to Mobb.

  • Top fixable Projects - The top fixable projects section aggregates the total number of fixes available across your projects.

Additionally, the "Resolved" view provides you with the following data:

  • Fixed issues by severity - This section displays the total number of fixed issues, sorted by their severity levels. The severity levels can be Critical, High, Medium, or Low.

  • Downloaded - The downloaded section shows all the fixes that have been downloaded via a patch file (.diff)

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